Ahilea feat. Bella Wagner: Devil's Eyes
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Ahileas album debut „Cafe Svetlana" / Essay Recordings (AY CD 20) was not only enthusiastically celebrated by the media. The in Austria based Macedonian can not be ignored by any DJ playing Nu-Balkan or Nu-Swing. Tracks like “Café Svetlana”, “Let Me Show You More & More“ (feat. Bella Wagner), “Monopolis” or “Usti Usti” are found on a couple of dozen compilations.
With Devil's Eyes Ahilea is developing in a new, further dimension. Balkan is not any longer the dominating part in his music, but he is experimenting with Pop and also other elements. On “Devil's Eyes“ he is working again with excellent instrumentalists like the accordion player Alen Dzambic and the guitar player Gerald Lang. But in the centre of his new work is the unbelievable voice of Bella Wagner, who gave a very personal touch to the text, written by herself. Bella Wagner and Ahilea already worked on “Café Svetlana” together.

Ahilea: His grandmothers sang him Greek, Walachian and Macedonian songs and folk music. His parents were more into rock ‘n’ roll. He grew up listening to the vibrant pop music of former Yugoslavia that was popular throughout the entire Eastern Bloc and renowned for its revolutionary new approaches, creativity and topical references. But it was the traditional music of the Balkans with its melodic and rhythmic structures that Ahilea was drawn to and which he tried to blend with his very own electronic lo-fi aesthetic. Yet Ahilea is also open to all kinds of contemporary urban styles – from funk to reggae, freestyle, electronica, broken electronics and guitar-led indie rock.
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Bella Wagner: The Viennese singer is on her way to capture the European music scene. She is rumoured to be one of the hottest, hippest female voices of the decade. In July 2009 Bella Wagner was invited to present her 1st album at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. On her released Compilation “Featuring Bella Wagner” (2010) she teamed up with musicians and DJs from all across Europe for a comprehensive collection of her best featuring songs in various genres such as Electro Pop, Bossa, Balkan, Rock, Funk or Fusion...a demonstration of broad talents with the amazing voice of an androgyny beauty.
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01. Devil's Eyes - Original
02. Devil's Eyes - Radio Edit

Composed & arranged by Ahilea/lyrics by Bella Wagner/published by Edition Essay



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Devil's Eyes