Misirlou e.p.


Jewrhythmics // Misirlou e.p.
Catalougue-No.: AY CD 27
Release date: 28.01.2011

Most people today know “Misirlou” as Dick Dale’s signature piece, extremely popular back when issued in 1961 and then again when used in Pulp Fiction in 1994. But this song is an old folk song with obscure origins. Long before Dick Dale made it popular in the West the song was already a hit with the Turkish, Greek or Jewish population of Asia Minor. Let’s not forget that Dick Dale’s daddy was a Lebanese immigrant to the US…

Now this is the glorious return of this tune revamped by the mysterious Disco outfit Jewrhythmics. This is the first single that announces the release of their first album in January 2011. A fabulous cast of international producers were called to play with the track.

Pete Herbert Re-Rub One time proprietor of the infamous Atlas Records shop in Soho, London over a decade ago, Pete divides his time either behind the wheels of steel at clubs (his home base is the Fabric in London) and parties around the globe or in the studio working solo or on various musical projects. His skills are high in demand from people like Grace Jones, Ajello, Tosca, Badly Drawn Boy and Indie heroes The Shamen, Minimal Compact, Royksopp or Lazyboy.

«I really loved the great retro sounding synths on this track, and thought it might be good to make a more stripped dancefloor version of it.»

OMFO Jewpiter Remix Our Man from Odessa, the self-styled bandit in time and space, is transforming ancient melodies into music for cosmonauts and spaceships. He has played in bands like The Children of Lieutenant Schmidt, Sputnik, recorded for the Kidnap label, created his own Solaris label, did collaborations with Aavikoo, Jimpster and Felix Kubin contributed to film soundtracks like Borat, written the soundtrack for the first ever Central Asian pavilion at the Venice biennale. He is signed to Essay Recordings, his albums “We Are the Shepherds” is a collaboration with Electronica wizard Atom™. «

Apparently space is not a final frontier - particularly when Misirlou is rhythmically orbiting Jewpiter. She enters a mental state that carries her even deeper into the depth of her own primordial Cosmos. She sobers up as she encounters on her way to Europe (one of the Jupiter satellites) an Unidentified Flying Synagogue with a crew of electrified Kabbalah minded Israelites who approach her by means of their pulsating chants. And they waltz away together and disintegrate into Abrahamic particles. »

Ajello Remix Ajello was born from the meeting between Luca DJ Rocca Roccatagliati and Fabrizio Taver Tavernelli. Eclecticism is the keyword word of their Ajello project. They count Laurent Garnier, Dimitri from Paris, Andrew Weatherall, and Miss Kittin among their fans.

«We enjoyed so much to do a remix on the Misirlou track from Jewrhythmics. DJ Morpheus called to me to collaborate on this one and I was really proud to work on a group where my hero from Minimal Compact is involved! Lots of very good samples from original Italo era, and of course it was exciting to work on a eastern progression of chords, turning the original song into an hybrid of old school house, Italo Disco, and melancholic mood, but still groovy for the dancefloor!»

Nikakoi Remix Nikoloz Machaidze is a renowned director from Tbilisi (Georgia) but also one the most important representatives of the local electronic music scene. He’s been invited to perform at events like Transmediale in Berlin, Synch festival in Athens or Sonar Festival in Barcelona. He composed music for numerous films and released a plethora of records.

«I always wanted to make something together with Vladimir Lomberg, one of the masterminds behind Jewrhythmics. So finally we did it and I love the result. I like the concept of Jewrhythmics; it is catchy, funny and very well done. I hope we'll collaborate further on!»

A1 Pete Herbert Re-Rub 5:44
A2 OMFO Jewpiter Remix 4:14
B1 Ajello Remix 6:24
B2 Nikakoi Remix 5:30

Digital bonus: Help me Jones Dans l'espace Remix




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